Garnier's Guardmice

Letter to Garnier, Summer 1152

A letter to the Guardmouse Garnier, from Lady Gwendolyn of Lockhaven

Trusted Garnier,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I trust that you have delivered the Elixir without issue to Pebblebrook and that your trip, given the season, was not hampered too much. I am very impressed with your decision to take young Walmond into your care given his mentor’s decision to accompany brave Ellis and Cid on a matter of great importance.

Unfortunately, this season has taken yet another victim. Erik gave his life in order to protect Ellis and Cid from a predator (I understand it to be a hawk), and was buried some short distance from our outpost at Frostic. It has also been communicated to me by Sadie that Clarence has died under mysterious circumstances at the outpost, so I have sent William and a patrol to guard Frostic while Sadie returns to me for further orders.

I know you have a lot on your hands with Kole (to which I hope a favourable report will reach me by season’s end) but it appears that due to circumstances beyond our control, Walmond is to become your ward and remain under your evaluation. I am giving this to you as a direct order, but also as a request, in order to honour Erik’s memory.

I am thus sending you on a special mission. Go hence to Erik’s hometown of Flintrust, and return to his parents Egil and Erika his first sword and cloak pin (I understand the cloak itself marks his grave) – these I have sent along with this letter. I have suspected as well that there may be some signs of dissent among the outlying areas. If your journey takes you to any other cities, ascertain them for signs of armed resistance and report to me in as discrete a manner as you can manage.

Finally, you have but eight nights to complete your circuit to Flintrust and return to Lockhaven – I expect you to be back with your patrol before the final supplies come in for the season. Winter is coming, and I wish no guardmouse to be caught outside.

- Gwendolyn


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